We Are

Here at NEW LEAF, our mission is simple: to open the door to possibility as you experience your unique cannabis journey.

Our job is to create a welcoming, positive space filled with the best array of high-quality cannabis products available in Massachusetts.

Our Story

In 2014 Peter was given the diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the hips – a debilitating and degenerative condition. In 2017, a wheelchair-bound Peter took a trip to Israel, where he prayed and asked for healing. He promised his Creator at this time that if he could ever walk again, he would serve a greater good and give his all to helping others.

In 2018, Peter traveled to Seattle twice for bilateral hip surgeries. While in Seattle, Peter tried THC & CBD products for pain. He credits THC & CBD for pain relief, speedy recovery, and discontinuing the use of narcotic pain medication very quickly after each surgery.

After the hip surgeries, Peter was able to walk again and still has a promise to fulfill. Creating a cannabis business allows Peter to give back to the community he loves (his HOME).

Our Team

Peter Fernandes


If you have ever met Peter, you most likely remember his enthusiasm and vibrant energy. Pedro immigrated to the United States with his family when he was just one year old. Choosing Fall River as their new home, Pedro’s parents established a restaurant as their family business, which taught Pedro about entrepreneurship and hard work at a young age. Pedro’s natural energy and interpersonal skills were a perfect fit for Real-estate & network marketing career. His leadership and motivational abilities are remarkable. He naturally loves to get people excited about what he is excited about with his contagious enthusiasm.

Evan Darmody


Evan Darmody, a Fall River native, brings a host of worldly knowledge and tenacity to New Leaf. Evan, is a veteran of the United States Army where he practiced Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Operations. As a civilian, Evan has had the opportunity to work within the blooming Massachusetts cannabis industry. He deeply respects the privilege we have in the Commonwealth to sell regulated, laboratory tested cannabis to consumers.Through his first hand experience he has enriched his personal knowledge of cannabis and continues to implement compliant cannabis operations in Massachusetts.

Tayla Cantelmo

Administrative Assistant

Born and raised in Swansea and Fall River, MA, Tayla is a newcomer to the cannabis industry. With Bachelor Degree’s in both Business Management and Marketing as well as her MBA in Organizational Leadership from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, she was ready to dive right into the action at New Leaf. A former barn manager at a local equestrian facility, she is no stranger to a fast paced environment. Tayla has honed her organizational and problem solving abilities through her work and life experiences; both in the equestrian field as well as her family’s long standing AAU Basketball Program. Both her work ethic and drive to be the best she can be, makes her a great fit for her administrative role at New Leaf!

Jacob Botelho

Retail Sales Lead

“Hi! My name is Jacob, I’m 23 years old and I was born and raised in Fall River. In my spare time, I enjoy watching anime, especially the series, One Piece, or hanging out with my cats. My favorite products are Dosido by Tower Three and any of the ROVE Cartridges.”

Community Outreach

Giving back to our community and supporting local organizations is a core tenet of our identity. We create change, starting with our employees and reaching out to our community and customers because, at New Leaf, we are here for you.



If you want to change the World,

Start right in your backyard!