Fall River Cannabis Turns Over a NEW LEAF: Dispensary Grand Opening

September 27th, 2022

The city of Fall River has been open to cannabis entrepreneurs from the beginning. So, when choosing where to start New Leaf’s cannabis journey, our old Troy City was the first and only choice.

New Leaf Approved for Adult-Use Cannabis

We’re happy to announce that New Leaf dispensary will be approved to commence operations for adult-use (recreational) sales of cannabis by the Cannabis Control Commission. Our highly anticipated grand opening will take place at the beginning of November, with online-orders starting the same day!  You can find us at 2629 South Main St, Fall River.

Until then, you’ll be able to see what we’re up to and which strains we’re preparing for you on the New Leaf Instagram

No Medical Now, But Hopeful for the Future

Be advised that we don’t take medical IDs issued in Massachusetts or any other state. Nor do we give medical discounts, as we’re a recreational dispensary that caters to adult-use cannabis.

However, we hope to expand in the future and be able to serve medical marijuana patients in the commonwealth. For now, our promise of accessibility starts with inclusive product options and prices. 

Join Us for New Leaf’s Grand Opening!

The cannabis world has come a long way in the commonwealth, and we’re excited to be part of this booming industry and diverse community. In this time of growth, we’ll be part of these new pages in the history of our city. After all, we have to turn over a NEW LEAF to truly become Fall River’s finest.

Our dispensary’s grand opening will take place in November. Join us at 2629 South Main Street in Fall River!

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