New Leaf Dispensary Brings Tax Inclusive Prices to Massachusetts

February 24th, 2023

New Leaf Dispensary Brings Tax Inclusive Prices to Massachusetts

Most working-class stoners have had this experience. Payday is a few days away, but you want to have a
relaxing night in, so you drive to a dispensary with a tight budget. After security checks your ID, you
enter the shop and stare at the menu. Doing some mental math, you rejoice at the fact that you have just
enough for the cannabis product that matches your plans for the night. You place your order at the
register, yet your enthusiasm is cut short when you hear the total: You forgot about the state and local
cannabis tax! The total is $10 more than what you were expecting, which means you are $10 short. Now
comes the dreaded dance of asking the budtender to change products, so you are left embarrassed,
unsatisfied, and quite frankly defeated (it’s been a long Tuesday).

By the end of this experience, a question remains: Why can’t sales taxes be different in cannabis?

In the U.S. the standard for sales taxes is tax exclusive pricing (when sales taxes are added to your total
when finalizing a purchase), however it is not mandatory. Tax inclusive pricing (when sales taxes are
included in unit prices) is possible in cannabis, and some out-of-state dispensaries are doing it. After all, it
is much more convenient for the customer. Whether they are building an online cart or ordering in person,
making the process simpler, without mental gymnastics of calculating whether or not you are over-budget
and the dreadful process of deleting an item from your cart because you didn’t foresee the added tax

Here, at New Leaf, the customer experience is our guide, so anything that could make the shopping
experience more convenient and pleasant for our customers, is a practice worth adopting. For that reason,
when our doors open in the next few weeks, all unit prices will include the MA state cannabis tax and
local sales tax.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Fall River Dispensary, providing a novel way of shopping
for cannabis.

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