The New Leaf Tasty THC Guide: 5 Ways to Elevate Your Taste

September 28th, 2022

From pot brownies in your friend’s basement to high fine dining, edibles have come a long way. Amazing cannabis chefs and creatives are creating an endless world of possibilities for all preferences and dietary restrictions.

Much like picking what to watch on Netflix, so many options will have you scrolling through your favorite dispensary’s menu. Until now, because this guide will be the ultimate tool to help ease decision fatigue and elevate your foodie game.

1. THC Drinks and Tinctures 

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, and you want to add a “je ne sais quoi” to your day. It’s too early for sugary candy, but an edible sure sounds good. Tinctures are perfect for moments like these. 

Following dosing instructions, one or a few drops in your smoothie or coffee is all you need. Enjoy an innovative “wake and bake” experience, discreetly and free of unwanted calories. 

Maybe it’s Friday night, but you don’t want to deal with a hangover the following morning. You decide on a no alcohol night, so why not a fizzy THC black cherry seltzer? 

The standard for cannabis drinks at Massachusetts dispensaries is 5mg per dose. You’ll feel the effects faster than most edibles, so you won’t even think about getting another one. Is reaching for a second drink something you might do? Half dose (2.5mg) beverages are an option, as well as 1:1 CBD:THC seltzers. CBD tends to balance the effects of THC, ensuring a smoother experience. 

The makers of Wynk were probably thinking about this when they came up with their cannabis drinks. You’ll find them in our Fall River dispensary this fall.

2. Cannabis Sauces and Spreads 

When it comes to innovating edibles, sauces and spreads might be the winners. Cannabis chefs have certainly raised the bar with chocolate hazelnut spreads, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and even hot sauce! You can dress your plate with whatever suits your taste buds, for delicious effects. 

Transform your kitchen into a Dutch coffeeshop by adding a THC sauce or spread to your dispensary cart. Easy to dose, it’s a simple and discreet way to add extra flavor to your dinner for a euphoric yet relaxing meal. 

Love spice and heat? Starting our fall menu with a kick, New Leaf dispensary will carry the first Puerto-Rican cannabis hot sauce. The sauce comes in a 2oz bottle that packs the right punch with THC, herbs, spices, and a fiery three-pepper combination.

3. Cannabis Chocolates and Baked Goods

“Funny brownies” have been a pop culture reference forever, so chocolates and baked goods aren’t exactly new. Nevertheless, the creative minds behind the best edible brands are putting a new spin on old, reliable products. 

Dispensaries carry mouthwatering, shelf-stable cookies, brownies, and cereal bars. Even cake mixes for all cravings and preferences. 

There are plenty of cannabis chocolate options, from novel seasonal flavors like key lime pie to wholesome familiars like s’mores. 

The rich and flavorful chocolates from Coast Cannabis Co. are a fan favorite here at New Leaf.  This fall, you’ll be able to enjoy their cookies and cream, almond coconut and sea salt, and other chocolate options at our dispensary in Fall River.

4. Gummies and Vegan Chews

THC candy is great for adult Halloween parties and stories.  

If gelatin isn’t a problem, there are a variety of gummy flavors to choose from. From sour berries to irresistible citrus flavors, it’s like being a kid with all the perks of adulthood. 

Much like cannabis, vegan food has also come a long way, with better and more diverse options. Vegan THC chews are the best of both worlds and they’re usually gluten free! Many brands carry their own take on this cannabis delicacy, and our favorite here is the mouthwatering goodness that is Betty’s Eddies. Using organic fruits and veggies and infused with cannabis oil, the hardest part about chewing them is knowing you can’t have more.

5. Cannabis Restaurants 

Cannabis probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fine dining. But cooking shows like Cooking with Cannabis prove that anything is possible when it comes to cannabis-infused food.  

Recently, the Cannabis Control Commission approved licensure submission for Marijuana Establishments for social consumption. Exciting news! However, it’s a new process with many state and local regulations and restrictions to follow. While social consumption establishments are nearing, it’s still early. 

For now, there are a few catering options for individual consumption, as well as private events. Companies like Mass Cannabis Chefs are bringing a unique way of enjoying cannabis infused cuisine. 

Ready to Elevate With THC? 

So, do you have a better idea of the best THC products for your next dispensary visit? Remember to consume responsibly and store your goodies in a safe, temperature-controlled space. 

We hope to see you soon at our Fall River dispensary so we can bring new pages to your cannabis stories.

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